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Hanna — Main researcher at Bonkey's
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“We are working non-stop to help you operate in a sustainable, successful environment.”

Yuliia Skomorokhova
CEO in DMM inc.
Optimization and hidden marketing

Success comes from the foundation. The more you work on the text, the better it works for you. Try it today with our professional team.

Graphic assets compilations

The best way to attract is to be like. People recognize their preferences and then unconsciously choose them. Now that you know the rules, just start a game!

HTML5 + CSS basics, Tagging

As a professional digital media management team, we advise layout knowledge to take action! Your company deserves a client company.

Culture of saying

Reach out to the minds, do not waste time! Speak catchy, clarify, act better. Tell the truth to interest your audience, and do it wisely.

Mobile development

Be trendy! Make your business accessible from any device at any time. See how the UX is doing its job, watch how the UI engages your customers. See how we do our best work.

Business audit

A wise team makes wise decisions. Introduce business innovations to support your company in the market and get results already.

Build and sell mobile apps with us

Your idea truly win. Let us make an app and enjoy it then! Powerful, easy-going, understandable, beautiful, magnificent, all this in one.

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We support you on digital media management inc with our top team

67% of our employees have been working for more than three years in highly qualified teams

The best understanding team

All your business needs is just to take it to the next level. If sales ain't got a job right now, trust us and they definitely will

Yuliia S.
CEO of DMM inc.
Andrew M.
Head of Marketing
David W.
Lead Mobile Developer

What our clients say:

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“I was looking for a big team to help me with the business strategy I am choosing for the company. Everyone at DMM helped me a lot. I wish I had found it sooner. Highly recommended”
Julian Ricardo Ovale
Business developer at Zevia
“I have been working with this team for a long time and we have a good relationship. Our company needed a marketing start and now, a year later, I can say that we did everything right.”
Hanna Peloy
Main researcher at Bonkey's

We’ve helped 50+ companies:

Guys are incredibly quick and informative in how they work with us. It is easy to see that they not only understand how SEO works, but are able to relay information in a way that makes the layman understand it. I never felt they were talking above me throughout the project.

Jeremia F.

Easy to get in touch with them, easy to understand what they were doing, and they went out of their way to show us the value of the work they were doing. They stressed the importance of being able to track things and helped us with it a lot in knowing.

Jordan K.

Digital Media Management inc. are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about marketing. Our account manager was an absolute pleasure to work with and did a great job of passing on some knowledge to give us an idea of what it was they were doing and why.

Peter J.

They do a great job of communicating with us on a regular basis and showing us the value of the campaign that we have running. Reports were always detailed and on time and we were always very happy with their professionalism and insight.

Amanda R.

DMM are straight-forward and honest about the scope of their services and the efforts they put in. If you come to them with a problem, they do a great job of communicating their findings and how they intend to approach solving that problem.

Sam G.

Awesome experience working with the team at Heroes of Digital! They are always very responsive and continuously gives us suggestions to improve our online presence. A great help as they managed our SEO and SEM really well and we do not have to worry.

Ian C.

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